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While love dolls are totally sexy and realistically look like your next girlfriend, creating them is pretty much like watching an adult humanoid being created by scientists and is a little creepy.

The Process Of Creating A Love Doll
Love dolls are totally a good companion when you want to explore your hidden kinks or fetishes but how do they actually get it to look life-like?
First, the silicone mixture is being made and mixed well. Every company has their own signature mixture of silicone or TPE (thermostat elastomer) to create a life-like sex doll and smooth skin of the doll. Following that, the mixture is poured into molds of different body types and the internal skeleton of the doll, which makes it poseable, is also being covered with the mixture. After the molds have dried, the edges are brushed to remove excess silicone mixture and to soften its edges. The breast, vagina, and anus are then added to the mold, full body or torso only. After attaching the entire thing, the nails of the dolls are given attention next. Nail color and designs are done manually. Everything is done manually.
After the body, the head would be the next prospect. The heads are just like typical mannequin head with mouth holes attached for oral stimulation. After the mouth is attached, the doll maker works on the eyes. The face of the doll is given a make-over before it will be attached to the head of the doll. Once the mouth, eyes, and face are added to the head, it is attached to the body. The sex dolls will be clothed and will be given wigs before they are ready for shipping.

It takes a total of more or less than 80 hours for a doll to be finished. Once finished, they are packed carefully in huge boxes with their safety belts on. And yes they are clothed. Extra cushions are also packed with the doll as not to damage it during shipping. In case there was damage to the doll due to shipping, some companies ask their clients to return the doll within a limit of days for a replacement.

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